Journeys, Inside Out

We would like to help you find better ways of (re) discovering the world and yourselves

At Ubuntu, we deeply believe in the power of human connection, with other people, with self, and the planet. Especially when paired with travel to create a positive impact.

Slow down. Travel deeper. Learn and grow.

We are fuelled by our passion for transformational travel. And we like to get under the skin of a destination by putting you at the heart of its nature, communities, and culture.

We design with you.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge, meaningful and deeper experiences, and interactions that we can offer you. Because our personal connections and friends make this happen. But first, we would want to understand you. What gets you going? What inspires and motivates you? And why does it?

We respect the planet.

Our commitment to our belief in travel as a force of good and a vessel for transformation drives us. Therefore our partners are those who support their local economies, communities and are committed to relevant environmental and social causes.

We also are checking and trying to be mindful of the interest of all those who contribute to the smooth running of this company, at every level.


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