Recalibrating in Asturias, Spain

What do you think of when you think of Spain? Infinite beaches, sun, bulls, paella and seafood, flamenco and guitars, Moorish architecture, a variety of art, sailboats, sangrias… quite a list eh? But obviously, there is more. And it is different. Very unique. And remote. Let’s start for now, with one of them. I just […]

Slowing Down in Puglia, Italy

Thinking of Italy for the summer? Again? And why not right? But I suggest you do it a bit differently this time.  Lake Como, the Amalfi coast, Cinque Terre, and even South-Eastern Sicily seems a bit done don’t you think? Well, they will always be popular, and that means they will be booked out very […]

What was I thinking?

Why am I here today, doing what I am doing? For whom? Why did I create Ubuntu? Did I feel I needed to prove something? Yes. In fact, I did. I want to prove to the world that humanity still has the power to create and affect change. That humanity and the human connection need […]