Working Together for a Better Planet

We all know all about travel agents, concierges, and consultants. And it all overlaps a bit, right? But travel designers are still different because we take our relationship with the guest and therefore personalization to the next level. 

Now, with transformational travel, it isn’t just the guest we design for. The journey is designed in order to create positive impacts for the traveler, the destination, the host, thereby creating positive change for the planet. 

So here I am offering a B2B service as a TTC certified transformational travel designer to all travel agents as well as tourism boards. 

I have had a short but enriching experience as Products and Celebrations head for 3.5 years in a luxury travel agency. Add to that my passion and eye for detail with research, curation, travel itself, and the certification as a transformational travel designer. 

What also makes this service I am offering helpful, is my connection and collaboration with the most amazing friends in various destinations who are in sync with the philosophies of transformational and regenerative travel. 

As you go through this website, you will see some itineraries that I am curating. 

So if you would like to take my help, I would be beyond thrilled, and grateful to design something special and transformational for you and your guests. 

Do get in touch: or WhatsApp at +919821685074

Love & Light

Nishant Badami
Ceo & Founder, Ubuntu


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