Ubuntu Junior

We all agree that the youth and kids are the future. We would therefore all agree that they need to get to know their lands, their people, history, a little more. Maybe even reach a deeper connection with it all? 

We believe going into our forests, hiking into the hills, meeting our indigenous neighbours and learning about everyday life, and their respect for nature, will shed light on a simpler, probably even more progressive way of thinking and being. 

This is at the crux of Ubuntu Junior. Through the awareness of natural ecosystems and their processes, awareness of cultures and traditional practices, and awareness of their own role in the conservation of the planet’s biodiversity our children will appreciate other cultures and ways of living, understand simpler ways of living, and technology and understand that everything is interconnected which in turn will help them act on all that is learnt and create simple yet impactful solutions and ways of living for themselves and their families. And one day the planet too.

We believe our children need to go beyond their current scenario and context and it is our responsibility to educate them this way and help them look within themselves too. They need to understand things from the grassroots. The goal therefore would also be to inspire lifelong stewardship and a sense of responsibility for the preservation of cultures, people, wildlife, and nature. Children will feel empowered to act in authentic, sustainable ways. 

These journeys are a week to 10 days long aimed at 10/12-year-olds to 17/18-year-olds. This age group is one of transition. Our children are gradually becoming adults and we believe stepping out of their comfort zone and opening their minds to new perspectives that break down barriers will help them on their journey to taking on new responsibilities, overcoming challenges, and a basic sense of humanity. 

The aim is to partner with schools and youth groups who will be guided by mentors who are highly experienced, trained and in most cases personally know the local communities and their settings. They would be able to expertly guide teachers and children to the etiquette and the way of living and learning within these communities. 

Still, in a nascent stage, I hope this can become a larger program and that together we can achieve these goals on a much larger scale.

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