Love, life, learnings – Barefoot in Bastar

India’s ancient indigenous knowledge of living sustainably with nature and living in harmony with each other is very relevant in today’s narrative. The tribal elders that exist today are our only chance to conserve this and also to pass on this precious knowledge to children who need to see the truth in order to create true change in the world. 

Instead of labelling these tribes as backward, we need to understand and realise that they have been living for aeons in harmony with nature and their land and the wisdom they have is second to none. At the same time I believe it is our responsibility to encourage the conservation of this knowledge and protect it from dying out, or getting influenced by “modernity”.

Materialism, environmental deterioration, corruption, inequality, climate change, you name it. Our world is heaving with it. But we want to move “forward”. Well, then, through this 8 day program to Bastar in Chhattisgarh and living among the indigineous community there, interacting with them, living amidst raw, wild nature, watching the world from their perspective; we hope to give the children a different point of view, help them open their minds and hearts, to understand what we stand to lose.

Through jungle trails, hikes, waterfalls, tribal cuisine, tribal art, the children will learn about sustainable and regenerative ways, natural upcycling, indigenous superfoods, more practical views on relationships (yes!) and social interaction and gender equality.

Duration: 8 days

Age: 12-17 Years

Season: October to February

Group Size:

Minimum: 8 students + 2 mentor guide

Maximum: 12 Students +2 mentor guide

Accommodation: Homestay/Camping/Basic Resort

Option 1: Travel as a family

– You will be accompanied by @travelbhramar your English (and Hindi) – speaking mentor/team leader, who is a travel blogger and is well-versed in the area and very well-acquainted with the people.

– If you would like to go in a group, we advise a maximum of 8 people.

– While all age groups may enjoy this journey, we recommend a minimum age of 8 years

Option 2: Travel for Childrens’ groups

– this will have the info that is there – age, group size, the sentence saying for schools interested in.

*For schools interested in collaborating and customizing this journey please write to


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