Tracking a better future with the Pardhis of Panna

The wilderness of Panna National park in Madhya Pradesh is quite varied. Here, the jungles range from dry grasslands to lush forests, watered by the Ken River. Multiple waterfalls and gorges give this land a unique character. Like the other national parks of Madhya Pradesh, Panna too is home to the majestic tiger. But these forests are also home to many other animals, like the sloth bear, panther and many types of Indian deer. These forests have also supported many tribal communities for generations. One such forest dwelling is the Pardhis.

The Pardhi community was infamous for its hunting traditions. But through intervention by the government and various organisations like Last Wilderness Foundation, they have moved away from the jungle and practice alternative sources of livelihood. For the past few years, the Pardhis have used their age-old knowledge of the forest and the skills of identifying animal tracks and signs to offer guests a forest experience unlike any other.

We hope to introduce the children to these skills and the wildlife of Panna and surrounds while understanding the stories and day to day functioning of the tribes’ people. We hope this will break down misconceptions and bring the children closer to India’s more indigenous roots which in turn will give them great learning and insight into conservation and upliftment of these areas and people.

Duration: 10 days

Age: 12-17 Years

Season: Oct/Nov + Feb/March

Group Size:

Minimum: 8 students + 2 mentor guide

Maximum: 12 Students + 2 mentor guide

Accommodation: In Lodge & Camping

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