Ubuntu Specialist

While all of us in the travel industry are now checking ourselves, our partners, and our practices, while we are trying to adopt more responsible ways of designing travel, while we are looking at ways to transform within and outward, through travel, I also believe it is necessary to use travel to go across genres. Sustainability, regeneration, transformation, needs to encompass as much as it can in order for true change and true positive impact to occur. We believe that this cannot be achieved unless the right stories are told and education is given and unless better, more mindful practices are adopted. 

Ergo, Ubuntu Specialist. With Ubuntu Specialist, we will be looking at how we can travel and engage with local and indigenous communities on a creative platform. From food to art and design, to music, and even indigenous wellness practices, we, along with our partners, will be curating more holistic and transformational experiences that will benefit travelers and their hosts. These journeys are a chance for us to connect, engage and then learn from indigenous wisdom. These are journeys of meaningful engagement and immersion that aim to be a balance between wandering, inspiration and learning while truly understanding the stories, the challenges, and the philosophies of the people.

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