7 Times Down 8 Times Up: Of Transience and Strength in Japan

Japan. The harmonious confluence of the ancient and hyper-modern into one fascinating whole, firmly rooted in tradition but ever hurtling into the future. Regularly pummelled by natural disasters and other crisis, be it earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear bombs and meltdown, gas attacks, typhoons, Japan has frequently had to bounce back from adversity. 

2020 thus far has challenged us all and many of us have spent time looking inward. On this journey, through experiences around various philosophies and ways of life the Japanese have adopted, and through connection with nature and people,  you will discover how celebrating the impermanence of things and the transient nature of beauty, makes a people stronger. Ready to stand up again. 

So, when you’re ready to travel again, you might feel like soothing your soul and starting afresh. Where better to be reborn than the Land of the Rising Sun? This is the perfect place to spend a month healing, thinking, challenging, soothing and rejuvenating.

This journey is designed for the Autumn season in Japan. While the spring and the sacura are stunning, autumn too lights Japan up in gorgeous hues. Hiking on parts of the Michinoku trail or exploring the northern parts of Japan are wonderfully transformational at this time.  You will spend time in Hokkaido too and engage with the indigenous Ainu to understand their  contribution and story within the history of Japan , live with a local Japanese family on the North-East Coast of Japan to understand how they stay resilient in the face of natural disasters, meet with and learn from the keepers of the mountains and of course understand the how and whys of various philosophies like wabi-sabi, kizuna, bonsai, etc.

Duration: 32 days (Customizable)

Season: Autumn

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