Ayni: Reciprocity & Honouring the Humanity in All, in Peru

Ayni. This Quechua word means ‘today for you, tomorrow for me’; giving comes from receiving; reciprocity. Today, this is a way of living and the thread that holds the fabric of Andean existence together and permeates all of Peru.  Whether it is with other human beings or the flora and fauna and the lands of this planet, we give back what we get and in the same spirit. In doing so, we never forget our ancestors as that would mean we are neglecting our future; and we remain grateful to Pachamama (Mother Earth). All land that we walk on and that surrounds us is alive and sacred and has a soul. 

For instance, all men and women within villages and communities work together and for everyone’s benefit. When it is time to harvest a land for one family, everyone comes together to work it. 

This journey into Peru is as much an outward journey as it is an inward one. While there, we hope for an exchange of positive energies and impact and that when we return we understand the importance of coming together and honouring humanity in all. 

On this journey you will venture deeper into Peru. Sure, you will explore the cities of Lima and Cusco, and you will visit Machu Picchu too, but it will be done from the perspective of the citizens and the indigenous people of Peru. A look into their gastronomy, – modern and traditional, learning the ancient wisdom of the Incas and other indigenous communities, living with the local communities in their homes, with their families, enjoying and understanding their arts and crafts, firsthand, being an active part of and truly understanding traditional ceremonies and shamanistic practises that revere Mother Earth, and meeting conservationists and famous indigenous photographers too. And if you like a bit of a challenge and a celebration, you could  choose to be a part of a truly transformational, 5 day festival in the Andes.

And while you are at it, rest assured that our friends and partners in Peru integrate accommodation and activities into your journey in a way that provides income and helps the local communities develop, naturally. Being passionate about and supporters of various causes and projects they are able to help us make your journey a more positively impactful one.


  • 27 days. Customizable (Without the Qoylloriti festival)
  • 32 days (With the Qoylloriti festival) ††


  • June to September †
  • June only ††

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*This price does not include international/domestic flights and visa fees or processing.

*This price includes carbon offsets 

*Please also note that prices are subject to vary based on COVID – related developments

*All itineraries can be tailored to your specific needs as long as it operates as much as possible, within our Transformational and Responsible Travel philosophies. Prices will vary based on the final curation. 

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