Back to the Beginning in Botswana

Botswana is popular for its delta and its wildlife, as it should be. But Botswana is also home to a people whose ancestry dates back millennia, holding the oldest bloodline on the planet! At Ubuntu, we like to take our guests under the skin of a place and give a wholesome experience with its inhabitants- people and wildlife, its culture and history to truly feel and understand life there. 

Over these recommended 10 days in Botswana, you will get a chance to do just that. 

Of course, there will be game viewing! When on safari in Botswana you can experience a diverse range of habitats and even different ways to explore – game drives, night drives, walking and on mokoros too! 

And all major wildlife can be expected to be seen with the exception, unfortunately and sadly of the rhino, which were all poached during the pandemic. 

While wildlife and different landscapes are abundant in Botswana, we like to dig deeper.  So there’s something very special Ubuntu likes to introduce their guests to. 

In the Kalahari, you will meet your indigenous hosts – the Ju!hoasi KhoiSan. 

The immense library of information that the elders of the Ju!hoasi KhoiSan carry is unbelievable! Their tracking, hunting and foraging skills in this harsh environment have been honed over centuries and are second to none! But how much longer will this knowledge last? This is a very special privilege in a time where cultures such as this one are fast disappearing. 

And then they do have a very special bond with our partner there too. In fact one of the elders considers him his grandson. Ergo, when you spend 3 lovely days in their homeland, you will be a part of their foraging, exchanging stories, games, food, traditions and community time around the fire. And you will even have the honour to get lost in the mystical shamanic trance of the elders, being a part of something ancient and sacred. 

At Ubuntu, we strongly believe in the participation of local communities or indigenous hosts in the curation of a journey. We also believe in the proper guidance and education of today’s youth as future leaders. The KhoiSan way of life and their skilful practices are being negatively impacted by external cultural influences and we are at risk of losing some of the world’s oldest heritage! 

But thanks to our wonderful partners, a part of this journey will contribute to a trust for youth empowerment and education programmes for the Ju!hoasi KhoiSan to bring about cultural appreciation, cultural conservation, gender equality and to empower the communities and help them prosper.

Duration: 10 days (Can be increased)

Group Size: Min. 4 people (We can customize for a group of 2 as well – please get in touch for the same)

Trip Dates: April and May 2023 / June and July 2023


$12,500* + $2000** pp (April and May)

$15,000* + $2000** pp (June and July)

*Costs include everything except tips and curios

** The Xaixai airstrip is closed, meaning that access would only be via helicopter. This would add an extra $2,000 per person

Note: Dietary Restrictions

If you have any restrictions or allergies, we kindly encourage you to discuss these dietary needs with us prior to the start of your trip, or otherwise, we may not be able to cater to them.

Cancellation Policy:

Please refer to the itinerary link shared with you.

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