The Ubuntu Way

  • At Ubuntu, we would like to use travel to facilitate a shift in mindset, a paradigm shift that will lead to a world transformed, for the better. 
  • We are fuelled by our passion for transformational travel. 
  • We follow the principles, practices, and tools shared by the Transformational Travel Council. Learn More.
  • Nishant Badami, Founder of Ubuntu, is a recognized transformer by the Transformational Travel Council. That means She has completed an intensive training program that involves understanding and using the tools of creating transformational journeys. 
  • We always start the journey with a conversation. Or two. We believe that a transformational journey isn’t about changing yourself- but about changing the way you see yourself. And then the world around you. 
  • We connect what lies within you to the outer journey you choose to set out on. 
  • Anyone can book you a couple of tickets, book a hotel and some experiences anywhere in the world. But we help you connect with people and places through various relationships we have built; connections you might not be able to find so easily by yourself. 
  • When we design journeys we look at them as a living organisms with a soul. We would like you to connect to the very soul of this journey, have deeper experiences, see that the local/host community benefits and are the true custodians of tourism
  • We are also working hard to surely and steadily be able to measure the carbon footprint of each of our trips as best we can. We can then advise you on how to limit it and help you offset where that’s not possible by investing in carefully chosen projects around the world. (This is a work in progress) 
  • We, of course, try our best to only work with hospitality and destination partners who are engaged with and benefiting the local communities and understand and adopt regenerative, responsible, respectful and inclusive ways of operating. 
  • All in all, we encourage you to push yourselves a little (or more), out of your comfort zone, tap into your alternate selves, start conversations, even with strangers and return with a more open, creative, and trusting outlook. And we’re right here for you, before, during, and after your journey.


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