I believe traveling takes us on a path that helps us find something – sometimes ourselves, sometimes the world, sometimes both.

I think that transformation can happen at the individual level; finding connections, and insights within. And then there is one that happens outwards; finding insights around, at a destination, in conversation with others, out in the world. But the way I see it is that at some level, neither happens without the other.

Putting ourselves out there, outside our comfort zone, creates this feeling of “something different”, an otherness of sorts. And somehow, this feeling is what causes us to act, what inspires and motivates us to do something – for places and people that we visit, or around where we call home too.

I believe travel has the power to connect us to others, beyond family, beyond religion, beyond ethnicity, beyond species even. It has the power for us to open and expand our minds and perceptions. I believe it has the power to bring us all closer and find love, compassion, empathy, and humanity – in ourselves and others.

Connect soon,

Nishant Badami
Founder, Ubuntu


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